The Silk Road 絲綢之路

絲綢之路 The Silk Road May, 2010 14 Days

河南Henan - 鄭州Zhengzhou、洛陽Luoyang 陝西Shaanxi - 西安Xian 甘肅Gansu - 蘭州Lanzhou、武威Wuwei、張掖Zhangyi、嘉峪關Jiayuguan、敦煌Dunhuang 新疆Xinjiang - 哈密Hami、吐魯番Turpan、烏魯木齊Urumqi

The playlist contains the following videos:

1. Luoyang, Henan 河南洛陽
2. Xian, Shanxi 陝西 西安

3. Wuwei-Zhangyi, Gansu 甘肅 武威 張掖
4. Dunhunag-Jiayuguan甘肅 敦煌 嘉峪關

5. Hami-Turpan, Xinjiang 新疆 哈密 吐魯番
6. Urumqi, Xinjiang 新疆 烏魯木齊

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  1. Awesome and good music too :))

  2. all photos are very clear and with high definition , excellent for viewing . plus soothing background musics.