Wales-Norway-Iceland 威爾士-挪威-冰島

Wales-Norway-Iceland 威爾士-挪威-冰島 July 2012

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Wales, Norway, Iceland 17 Days July 2012
Cardiff, Wales - Southampton, England - Bergen, Norway - Olden, Norway - Geiranger, Norway - Alesund, Norway - Akureyri, Iceland - Reykjavik, Iceland

The playlist contains the following videos:

1. Cardiff-Swansea, Wales 威爾士
2. Mines and Mountains, Wales 威爾士
3. Romans and Ruins, Wales 威爾士

4. Alesund Geiranger, Norway 挪威
5. Bergen Olden, Norway 挪威

6. Reykjavik, Iceland 冰島
7. Akureyri, Iceland 冰島

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