Munich, Germany 德國 慕尼黑

Munich, Germany 德國 慕尼黑 May, 2014 4 days

The playlist contains the following videos:

Munich, Birth of 3rd Reich 德國 慕尼黑

Munich Deusche Museum 德國 慕尼黑

Munich BMW Welt 德國 慕尼黑

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  1. Eugene, a friend referred to me your Website at blogspotca. I enjoyed viewing your videos. Please accept my compliment for a job well done: extensive destinations and quality videos from your travel experiences. As a thank you, I would like to offer a few constructive remarks for your consideration for the future:
    - "Designation Menu" on the lower left of your site: do you actually mean "Destination Menu"?
    - I watched your videos on some European destinations. The accompanying audio was Chinese vocal music. Instead of improving the viewing experience, the audio was a distraction, and may even be annoying.
    - the text at the bottom of each photo in the video is always introduced by a flash of lights which negatively affect the clarity of the text. If you keep the flash of lights, please consider inserting a second of time between the flash and the text that follows.
    Best wishes.
    Alex Lau

    1. Alex, Appreciate very much your remarks and suggestions. Will implement changes in the future. Thanks.